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  • : Now You See Me...

    Now You See Me...
    A Molly Blume Mystery
    "One of this year's best mystery intriguing, engrossing, and even enchanting tale magnificently and beautifully told" - Bookreporter
    "A gripping tale of deceit, revenge and murder" - Jerusalem Post

    "A well-crafted mystery that is also a powerful exploration of the tragedy of unintended consequences. Krich excels at creating suspense through her characters' struggles and mistakes...a page-turner." -- Library Journal

    "Krich puts a sure finger on the painful spots where ordinary kids' problems turn into murderous melodrama—all at a bargain price." - Kirkus Review

  • : Dream House

    Dream House
    Agatha Award Nominee
    "Tantalizing...engaging" - Booklist

  • : Blues in the Night

    Blues in the Night
    Agatha Award Nominee
    "A sleuth worth her salt" - NY Times Book Review
    "A fresh new presence...Smart, resourceful, and curious--not much escapes her." Sue Grafton


    Winner of the Mary Higgins Clark Award
    L.A.Times Bestseller
    "Krich once again expertly mixes Orthodox Jewish faith with crisp, whodunit plotting....An engaging thriller...Krich never misses a beat" (Publishers Weekly)
    Winner of the Calavera Award

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April 06, 2005


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