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May 13, 2005



I personally find the "Jewishness" of characters like Molly to be quite fascinating. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't read it; or at the very least skim over it.

I know little about the practice of the Jewish faith and the cultural aspects of Jewish family and community life. To read about it, even in a fictional setting, seems a natural extension of the development of the personality of a given protagonist (like Molly). I feel it's a requirement to share those details if you're going to do it right! (I mean, really, Mary Higgins Clark has most of her main characters attending Sunday morning Mass.)

I've never seen Will & Grace, and even so, I tend not to trust TV depictions of religious practices, since they misrepresent them more often than not. Seems to me the 'default' religion on American television is Roman Catholicism, which is never (or very rarely) accurately depicted, anyway.

If I search my memory, I can think of two shows I watch(ed) on a regular basis that had Jews as regularly appearing characters. One was 'The Commish', and it was the main character's wife who was Jewish, and one episode had the background story dealing with the son's (surprise!) Bar Mitzvah.

The other is 'Joan of Arcadia', where the main character's best friend, Grace, is the daughter of a rabbi. While Grace is a self-proclaimed anarchist, and what one might call agnostic, one episode deals with her finally deciding to make her (surprise!) Bat Mitzvah.

I'm not knocking those shows, as I understand that those events are important in the life of someone stepping into the role of an adult Jew. But there's obviously a whole lot more to 'Jewishness' than the Mitzvahs and the perfunctory observance of the Sabbaths and the Yom Kippurs, etc., etc.

Most of us, unless we take it upon ourselves to learn, will never know more about other religions and faiths. The stereotypes dominate.

Of course I can never be sure if you're presenting an authentic picture of modern Orthodox Jewish life. But it sure is a whole lot better than just getting the same tired old plots about Bar Mitzvahs and Sabbaths.

Please keep up the details of that most important part of Molly's life (unless you can come up with a compelling reason why she should revert to her 'atheist' stage). Think I just might troll over to and mention that I am one of those people who happens to be fascinated with those details!


I am told MORE often than I think is necessary by my best friend M that I am "too Jewish." In fact, my SIL who is a raised-from-birth Jew tells me I am "too Jewish." I find this all very ironic. On one hand, it's "cool" to see large Italian families or Greek families or whatever ethnicity you choose in the movies and on TV and it's when Jews do it, we're rubbing it in the collective public's face. What's UP with that? I really don't get that one. I just don't believe "My Big Fat Jewish Wedding" would have had the same success.

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