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July 27, 2005


Shirley Gans

After reading your comments regarding Jergens Natural Glow – I decided that I had to try it.
I rushed off to my neighbourhood pharmacy in the Mall – and all they had was the Jergens Natural Glow Fair tones.

I started talking to a womea who was scrambling through the 20 tubes that were left on the shelf, all the while muttering – darn it --- they don’t have the darker one.

We got into a whole conversation regarding self-tanners, agreeing that most of them make you look orange and are very difficult to apply – too streaky). She told me that all her friends just love this product, and she would leave no stone unturned to find the dark toned one.

I bought lighter version – and then did something that I really had never done before. I ran around like a mad women -to around to three pharmacies downtown – looking for what I wanted. One cosmetician told me that Jergens only produced so many tubes (not realizing how they would fly of the shelves) and that was it for this year.

As luck would have that evening I again tried two more stores – and lo and behold – I found what I was looking for – I can hardly wait to see the results.

Julie Herman


Had to laugh about the Jergens. My daughter and I are fighting over the tube we have. All I can say is that the distribution in Texas is better -- or the demand is not so high as it is in California.

Looking forward very much to the next Molly Blume -- I heard rumors the cover is nice.


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