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  • : Now You See Me...

    Now You See Me...
    A Molly Blume Mystery
    "One of this year's best mystery intriguing, engrossing, and even enchanting tale magnificently and beautifully told" - Bookreporter
    "A gripping tale of deceit, revenge and murder" - Jerusalem Post

    "A well-crafted mystery that is also a powerful exploration of the tragedy of unintended consequences. Krich excels at creating suspense through her characters' struggles and mistakes...a page-turner." -- Library Journal

    "Krich puts a sure finger on the painful spots where ordinary kids' problems turn into murderous melodrama—all at a bargain price." - Kirkus Review

  • : Dream House

    Dream House
    Agatha Award Nominee
    "Tantalizing...engaging" - Booklist

  • : Blues in the Night

    Blues in the Night
    Agatha Award Nominee
    "A sleuth worth her salt" - NY Times Book Review
    "A fresh new presence...Smart, resourceful, and curious--not much escapes her." Sue Grafton


    Winner of the Mary Higgins Clark Award
    L.A.Times Bestseller
    "Krich once again expertly mixes Orthodox Jewish faith with crisp, whodunit plotting....An engaging thriller...Krich never misses a beat" (Publishers Weekly)
    Winner of the Calavera Award

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October 19, 2009



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As you know, it is time for her quote. "I love make-up. I play with my look and try on all kinds of colors" Girl, you are so young and gorgeous... Why would you need this stuff? I understand if Pam or Paris does that kind of thing all the time because they are uglier than you... Don't get me wrong, that's not what I was trying to say. You are very hot and I love you so much, but don't play with makeup because you can get used to it.

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I saw this quote from her the other day and thought you might be interested. "A letdown is worth a few songs. A heartbreak is worth a few albums" I can fully agree with her on this point but there is something I don't like about her songs. No, really, they are like similar to each other and either about love or heartbreak which is probably the same thing. I would advise [url=]jenna fischer nude[/url] to step of a bit that kind of theme as first of all, she repels guys with her music by saying how some boy let someone down or something. And singing about love will only attract women and I don't think you are a lesbian.

Wow, I didn't expect this review will be that nice which means I did a good job here.

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Now it would be appropriate to put this quote here... And just so you know it is from her. "Somebody who has a compatible sense of humor with me, this would be the most important thing," I have a huge sense of humor that can probably beat yours, [url=]janet jackson naked[/url]. If you don't believe me then come on... bring it on. But being serious, I wish her to find that kind of guy that would make her laugh every day and she couldn't stop loving him for that... Damn it, I sound like gay again... Damn her songs, they make me feel sissy. See, I told you I can be fun.

Sad, very sad to say that but this is the end of my review... So I guess goodbye.

This good girl can be gone bad pretty soon. Take a chance to look at [url=]amy smart nude[/url] here and you will understand what I am talking about. But for me, being bad is kind of sexy.

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I remember this quote from her that I am sure you will find both, hilarious and useful "I feel kind of unnatural looking down to people and they looking up to you" What to do [url=]stacey dash nude[/url]? You are such tall. I mean she is almost 6 feet sharp and now imagine her wearing high heels... She will be about 6'2 or something after that. I wonder what kind of guy she wants for herself... Probably 6'6 or something, but not less... I bet she needs a basketball player to date with. Yeah, that's it. They will look kind of sexy and very unreachable for paparazzi if you know what I am saying.

So anyway, I hope you keep reading my reviews because they are fun and very hot.

Would you like to see [url=]jenny mccarthy naked[/url]? If that's so, then I welcome you. This place is something where you can check her out totally without her clothes.
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I forgot about one thing to put here... it is her quote "I always have an idea who I want to thank if I win" This is pretty obvious. In fact, I say there is no celebrity that would say something quite extraordinary during that ceremony of winning speech. They all sound very banal and to be honest people are getting sick of it. I think, if they don't come up with something spicy or at least unique and different from those "thanks" the crowd won't be clapping at all because this is getting all people bored. Come one you guys, you are so smart... [url=]jennifer morrison nude[/url], you are not stupid blond, aren't you? Then think of anything that would differ from those "I want to thank my producer and my fans. Nothing would be possible without you. Also thanks to my cat Kittles as he inspired me so much with his peeing on my shoes" and some other crap like that.
Yeah, this was pretty fun and I liked it very much. I hope you have same feelings about this. Bye.


Today we are going to take some trip in the world of one of the hottest female celebrities and this picture of [url=]teri polo nude[/url] will give you a primary clue on what this review is about. We will see and discuss many beautiful things about [url=]SHARON STONE NAKED[/url] like her ass, boobs and other things provided with some finest pictures. You are also can count on reading some very interesting data about this girl that is just essential in appreciating her gorgeous body as at the end of this post you will have a chance to rate [url=]sophia bush naked[/url] from one to five stars so don't miss it... And I am beginning our review... here I go.

There is nothing more important than age value because it matters a lot... believe me. [url=]candice michelle naked[/url] is only 23 years old but she has already gained a lot for her life. Not every woman can reach for that short period of time those things she did. Although 23 seems to be just a beginning I have to say that she looks very mature and solid... Her behavior reflects a character of a 30 year old woman and she likes to wear some classic outfit. By the way [url=]catherine zeta jones hot[/url] style is very modern and this girl knows how to look that good. But for me her outfit is not that important... moreover, I think it is better for us to watch [url=]MARCIA CROSS NUDE[/url] or something like that.

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Many of you probably don't know who she is... I can totally understand those people that just watched [url=]crista flanagan nude[/url] and that's it... they don't care about who the hell she is, why she is popular and sort of things like that... what matters is that people love her gorgeous body... Although I think it is great that many people recognize her as just a sexy woman I am saying it is wrong and we have to know what exactly [url=]DANNII MINOGUE PLAYBOY[/url] does for her life and why she is famous...

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Zenaida Lopez

Nice experience Rochelle. I bet you had some interesting time there. I always love to read some of your typads.

Neil Fleischmann

Glad you are OK, better safe than sorry (he commented almost a full year later). The part that shook me up most of the story was the confrontational questioning and demeanor of the man in the waiting room.

Noe Gold

Hi Rochelle, I just caught up with your ER travails. My wife was in there around the same time! I'm Eli Pelman's cousin, btw:


Thanks, Mindy.

great writing. you make every day occurrences come alive! refuah sheleima.

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